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back getting real... I carry 95% of the time under a loose shirt OWB in a high ride canted holster at 4:00 - 5:00 ( depending on belt loops of my jeans ) Levis seem to have my favorite belt loop spacing

my biker buddy has been openly conceiling his 380 Taurus in the supplied Bulldog PDA style holster... I'm a budding hobby holster maker, & did up holsters for my shooting friends for Christmas & for this guy I made an improved leather holster that fits his 38 Special double derringer... I'm going to make one of these to fit my 380, because it's much improved ( much smaller, closer to the size of a cell phone or pda, & holds the gun in a natural draw position ) over the Bulldog style that Taurus ships with the TCP, whichis too large IMO, & puts the gun in a layed down position, which is difficult / un-natural to draw from ...
this is the holster I made, holds a reload for his derringer...

otherwise if in dress clothes, I'll pocket carry a smallish gun in my suit coat jacket pocket, or my NAA mini in my front pants pocket... but over all I don't prefer pocket carry, especially in my pants pockets, as they are nomally full of other stuff, since I normally carry my wallet in one of my front pockets as well ( deters pick pockets... & I wouldn't want to carry a gun in a wallet holster in my back pocket for the same reasons I don't carry my wallet there )
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