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Originally Posted by hondauto
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I Ain't fat, But I carry on my hip around 4-5 o'clock in the winter time with a leather pancake.
In the summertime.. I wear
Works for me..
Well hell,
In Colorado in the winter, you can carry an AR15 concealed. The smartcarry is like a double wide diaper stuffed down your crotch. Yeah I have one (okay, 2). I have truly invested $750 to $1000 on various IWBs, tuckables, MOBs. If you are an off duty LEO, where you and the buds joke about it if you get spotted, stuff your crotch, show a bit of pregnancy on one side or the other with an IWB (tuckable or not), wear a big overwear garment (flannel and hawaiin shirts look great in the boardroom), or wear an OWB and a van halen T-shirt.
In Texas, if it peeks out, you are breaking the law.

I pocket carry.
What me worry

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