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Hi, I just inherited a S&W 38 Special CTG, serial #S826XXX.
There is an additional "S" after the SN where it is stamped under the barrel. The number ends too close to the edge of the bottom of the grip to be included there. 1906 - 1909 - 1914 patent dates.
You have a postwar .38 Military & Police, the gun that became the Model 10 when they started assigning model numbers in 1957. Note that "38 Special CTG" is the cartridge the gun is chambered for (.38 Special), not the model name (CTG is the abbreviation for "cartridge"). The "S" prefix M&Ps were made from 1944 or 45 to 1948 in the serial number range S811120 to S999999 - they then started using a "C" prefix.

I don't know what the additional "s" might be - some earlier M&Ps that were returned to the factory to have a new (at the time) safety feature added were stamped with an "s" to indicate that the modification had been done, but your gun should have been manufactured after that new safety design became part of standard production.

Could anyone date a Model 17 for me? I am too far away to get the book soon! S/N is K349933
1958, the range that year was K317823 to K350547.
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