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Light and clamp for an 870 no more than $100

Is there a decent weapon light to stick on an HD 870 costing no more than $100 including the bracket. I don't need to illuminate bad guys 50 or 100 feet away and its not going to be knocked about by possibly neglectful LEOs from shift to shift. I am a civilian and will use it for target shooting, perhaps some hunting down the road, and most of the time it will be waiting in the closet for the day that I hope never comes.

It is hard to tell from a few user ratings, since many don't rate a product unless it is crap, but this from WalMart looks like it would be fine if it worked.
Don't tell me to get a $250 light and forend from surefire, because it won't happen. Before I did that I would simply do as zippy13 suggested elsewhere and leave some low wattage lights on downstairs ( aimed so as not to illuminate defensive position on the upstairs landing). Before I spent the bucks on a surefire I would put into ammo and range fees, and perhaps an HD lesson.

My DOJ waitng period is up Sunday and I hope to be tinkering with my 870 before noon.

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