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It depends a lot on your local zoning laws .../permits, etc can cost you well over $100,000 ....but it depends....

Good people to run it - and a good physical operation ( lighting, ventilation, backstop, target retrievers, insurance, etc are all important).

I've seen some real mickey mouse operations ...where it was just basically an old building 60yrs old - with 6 bays ....(crummy lighting, dirty, and nasty ..) first class operations with leather couches, big screen TV, snack bars, locker rental, cleaning rooms, etc .... but the insurance is going to be the "killer" ....and if you ever have a bad accident / don't quit your day job ....because you'll be out of business in a heartbeat. There is nothing scarier - than a bunch of 20 somethings coming in to rent guns, with their girlfriends on a sat evening, when they want to shoot - and don't even know how to load a mag.

I've seen some ranges - require a membership / and to get a membership you have to sit thru a safety lecture for about an hour. Range safety checks are pretty important - especially if you're going to let people draw from holsters, etc ... There is just a lot to it ....
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