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UPDATE to the fraud!

WARNING!!! "UpandAtIt" is a second username of a known FRAUD! He tried to defraud me out of $225. He's been banned from every major online firearm auction site. Please if anyone has any other information on him or his alias's please come forward. We need to bring this guy down!

He frequents gun shows in the Cleveland area, and will let you know his "Disabled Vet" status every chance he gets.

Here's a picture of the man in question.

Username Aliases:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Brothers Username:

GringoGrande (Steve)

[email protected]

He also sells hiking sticks in the Cleveland area.

Here's his pitch he uses in selling his hiking sticks. Typical fraud card using his "Disabled Vet" to warm you up.

51 year old US Navy Disabled Vet due to blindness in Cleveland Ohio (westside). I hand make each and every Hiking Stick, hand cut and hand dye the leather lace wrist straps and hand grips, hand mix the finish. I have made Hiking Sticks since 1988 for friends, family and to sell at open air market shows like Yankee Pedler and "The Mess" in Berea Ohio. I prefer to sell only to USA Residents due to ease of shipping as I cannot fill out international forms due to not being able to see them. All sticks are shipped via US Postal Priority Mail with delivery confirmations.

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