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Thompson Center Impact ( to come)

Well finally put the old, cheap, but reliable Traditions E-bolt 209 back in the box and gonna sell in comes my new purchase Thompson Center's new Impact muzzleloader 50cal. I was dead set on getting an Optima Pro or Traditions Pursuit but finally decided for the price I'd go with a Thompson Center. Pulled the gun, with fiber optic sights (no scope), blued barrel with a synthetic stock for right around $230. It should be here for some weekend shooting, and I will post my results.

I realize this is the lower tier of T/C but I'm an avid bowhunter who honestly picks up the bow even during gun season I didn't need an extremely high dollar ML to feel content. And I was already shooting touching shots from 50yards (3-4inch at 100) with my Traditions e-bolt so this thing has to be a step up and will hopefully have me close to touching out to 100-150yards.

Will keep you guys posted.
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