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As a newbie to BP, I too really have gleaned a lot from these fine folks over the last 7 or months. My main BP shooter is an 1858, and I adore the thing. There is something so satisfying about loading up 6 careful shots, capping them, and watching a 2+ pound hog leg belch fire and smoke without breaking your wrist. The gravy is seeing a nice even .454 hole punched pretty much where you wanted it to go. On top of all that, it only cost you pennies to shoot

My wonderful wife bought me both a ball caster and some pure lead for Christmas this year...she also went ahead and picked me up another 100 balls so I could still shoot a bit while I figure out exactly how to cast these things. I can't find .454 balls locally short of going to Gander Mountain, and they price simple swagged lead balls like they were high tech copper jacketed hollow points And paying shipping on a box of ammo is just silly. I'll start casting in the spring I believe

Now my next decision, do I cave and buy an 1860 for my birthday next month, or do I save my pennies for a Walker for Father's Day
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