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Can someone help me with identifying the model and age of a revolver i recently inherited?

It's a S&W 357 s/n 5D34xxx
Production date would be 1979, and it's most likely a Model 65-2. You can confirm that by swinging the cylinder out and looking at what's stamped on the frame inside the yoke cutout.

It is a K-22, 6inch barrel, original grips. I think it is post-WWII...1945 to early 50's, but I'm not sure. The serial number is K 664xx.
1948. Interesting - second 1948 K-22 we've had in the last few days. In the unlikely event that either you or Elkins45 is interested in selling, I'd be prepared to make you a very handsome offer on the gun (the production year is the same as mine, and I'd really like to have at least one revolver from that year).
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