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Target sizes?

Allright this has been bugging me for a while now and this article has me re-thinking everything Ive assumed before about the bullseye size (mainly 200-300 yardlines)
If you click on "Rifle" it lists the size of every ring.
Same target is obviously used for 200-300yds
But I believe the sizes of the rings are +1 inch
Theyre all odd numbers
10 ring should be 6in based on what I was told before, 9 ring being a basic 12in wide.

Can someone please confirm the long range target sizes too?

This is pretty interesting since I was shooting at 12in targets with stricter scoring in the past before getting serious about NRA matches. This only increases my score by 10-15 pts.
sounds too good to be true, dont want to wrap my mind about this yet
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