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Not very long ago, I was curious as to what year a revolver was made. I called Smith & Wesson's 800 number, hit option #7, a gentleman answered and I told him that I was interested in finding out what year this particular gun was made. He asked me what the serial number was, I told him. He said "let me look it up". In less than 30 seconds he said it was made in 1958.

I was planning on being sold a book or something. This is the only time I've ever called S&W and I was really impressed how helpful he was. I'm not sure if I just lucked out and got the right person or what. Nonetheless, it was very reassuring that with all the calls they probably get a day he would politely take the time to lookup the information for me. Before ending the call I told him thank you very much and he replied "no problem, call us back if you need anything else".
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