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Thank you, I plan on reading up on that right now(actually after this sun night football game).

what is the "overpenetration myth" you are talking about? It would seem that overpenetration would be a bad thing in a self defense scenario. I would think that if a bullet from your gun went through an offender and injured someone else, you could be held responsible for it.

I was referring to debates and/or arguments I have overheard(and read on forums) from gun enthusiasts. I have heard more then one person claim overpenetration is a myth. I do not know if it is myself. I have heard others argue the same point you made like if someone shot someone in a crowd in a True SD decision and the bullet passed thru in killed a little girl as an example. I do not recall ever hearing about this - I have heard about people being shot by accident from shots meant for other targets that missed. I hope to get more insight from this thread; it is good to hear from other gun enthusiasts that prefer heavy grain ammo as well.
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