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information about an inquiry resulting in an allowed transfer is destroyed in accordance with NICS regulations
First off the FFL is required to keep the Form 4473 as well as a written log of all firearms transfers in or out, I believe for at least 10 years and the FFL's records are subject to inspection at any time by any authorized agent of the FBI or ATF.

You guys must also believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and that Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter in Dallas in 1963.

C'mon down to one of our gun shows in Virginia Jim
That's the loop hole everyone is trying to close, and Gun Shows here in Illinois require NICS checks, FOID cards and Form 4473 before transfers are made here. And as a resident of Illinois we can not purchase handguns in another state, the best we can do is have one shipped to a FFL here in Illinois and go through the transfer process of NICS, Form 4473 and waiting period (72 hrs here)

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