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You mentioned the Golden Saber which has always been a bulet of interst to me. Have you chronographed it or done any penetration testing with it?
700cdl, No I haven't done iny testing on it. My mentor believes the golden saber to be one of the best HD/SD 357 ammo around. I even tried to go with the "+" ammo and he disagreed with that too. This was a long time ago.

I think one of the big concerns in as hooting situation is "Will I survive to tell the tale"everyone will pick apart anything you say and do after the fact. But if you do have to shoot then make sure your story is the one being heard not the "Shootie" myself I use a heavy bullet I do believe the police do the same thing. In a shooting situation the last thing you want is for the felon to get back up. If you have to shoot make sure you do it right the first time. I carry a 1911 and I use a 230 grain bullet, Uncle Sam used that weight and I never heard of a Jap or German soldier who complain after the fact. Read what the military theory is behind the ammo they use and what the police use then make an intelligent decision and go.
Burrhead51, I love the heavier grain but I have actually heard some people say that the heavier grain might do less damage in a SD/HD situation(like if the bullet went clean thru as one example). Personally, I use my common sense and gut - I just like the heavier grain stuff and feel (with what knowledge I have) that the heavier grain is better. Please note I am not even sure if this is true, and the entire subject is tricky to me. I prefer the 180gr 357 ammo, and I went that route on my own after some time. If it truely is overkill, I will probably reconsider. In my mind I have just always felt it would take care of business being I buy the hollowpoints. I don't mind exit wounds, but I prefer for the bullet to mushroom inside the body if a true SD/HD situation occurs. Deflections in the body off bones work for me too - I just choose to carry the big stuff just in case.
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