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Zippy13. Happy New Year. Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I don't want a side saddle for HD having opted to keep it simple and avoid anything that can snag things. For a dedicated combat gun, I would go with the corn cob but I am not planning on having to defend a mud soaked foxhole in a monsoon with a bloody hand that may be have a few fingers shot off. However, I want this buy to go down and the gun I paid for might come with the cob, even though the fun buyer said it should have the long forend. If so, I think I will take it and try to find someone two swap forends. I may be wrong but since Remington only wants them sold to LE (supposedly), I hope there is a ready market for them. Also, if I unwind the deal because it comes with the cob, I lose out on the Remington rebate. (Wanna bet I talk Big 5 into giving me a special price if the gun comes with the cob since I lose the $30 Remingoton discount if the deal is unwound or I have to buy another forend if I want what was promised?)

Damn. I just looked on Ebay and saw all the Remington 870 accessories for sale (some I realize are junk replica).

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