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I don't agree with the time issue to determine the decision(it keeps roaring to life)

I am in the minority(I have seen the polls)! If he was PROMISED a pardon in the eyes of the law then Legally there is merit to the kid receiving a pardon, and there is documentation to side with the kid. There are also many debatable instances of the kid, but yes the kid did shoot+kill two LEO's while escaping. That incident is part of the reason why his story lives on to this day. Billy was a victim of his times, and many LEO's in the Lincoln wars were corrupt. There is evidence that Wyatt Earp(on the other side of the law than the kid&in a different location) was a cold-blooded murderer using his badge to serve a personal vendetta after his brother was killed following the famed OK Corral battle.

Basically, Wyatt killed three individuals and had to leave the state after. Back then leaving the state was enough in certain instances to leave your past behind. In the present's eye, Wyatt is a good guy
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