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btmickenny asked: "
please tell me what you use
Glad to but my response will not be very exciting.
After 40+ years of being an avid muzzle loader I finally got over trying miracle products. I have used natural products with success (whale oil, bear grease, etc.) and still do occasionally. I have a patch lube of whale oil and beeswax that works excellently. For those who don't have whale oil, and that is almost everyone, a mix of peanut oil and beeswax is fine. In fact almost any good oil (mineral, lemon, etc.) with the beeswax is good.
But, really, for short term storage I just use (can I say this without starting a firestorm? ) WD-40. Works fine, I like it.
For longer term storage I use RIG. IMHO it is a great product. A little goes a long way.
(for the record, I bought my whale oil about 40 years ago when it was legal and never used it until two years ago.)
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