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Corrosive ammo + stainless steel + not cleaning for a few days = ?

Well, it looks like I've got a problem.

I just got done ringing in the New Year with a few blanks fired from my revolver, a cherry stainless steel Speed Six that was barely used and in pristine condition when I got it. Problem is, I just noticed that these blanks are corrosive. I had assumed that they were was non-corrosive, since I thought that all domestically-manufactured ammo has been non-corrosive for decades now, but I guess I was wrong. Unfortunately, I don't have a bore brush to clean with and can't get one for a few days, at least.

Anyway, my question is this: if I leave it for a few days (maybe even a week) without cleaning, is it going to do any substantial damage to my gun? I know that stainless steel is not totally impervious to rust, but it is much more resistant, correct? Am I screwed or not? (Please tell me I'm not.)

TIA for any input anyone can give me.
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