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Originally Posted by Jim243
I am unsure on the barrel length restriction for a pistol, but I believe it can not be longer than 11 inches for a pistol or shorter than 16 inches for a rifle. And a pistol can not have a stock or a vertical grip on the front of the pistol.

Lowers can be made into pistols or rifles, but can not be changed once it is registered, and yes it will be stated on the form you fill out for purchase of any weapon and kept by the retailer of the lower.

To eleminate the need for the takeup (recoil tube and spring) you could go with a piston system instead of the normal gas system. This will make your pistol shorter yet, lighter and eleminate the tube from the back of the weapon.
Barrel Length: There is no requirement for a barrel on a pistol to be of any specified length. You can make it as short, or as long as you want to.

Lower Configuration: A pistol can be made into a rifle with NO federal paperwork. A rifle CAN NOT be made into a pistol, as per federal rules. There is NO FEDERAL REGISTRATION for pistols or rifles. State laws will vary, and you need to abide by any state registration that you are subject to. Neither my pistols or my rifles are registered in any way. My Short Barrel Rifles, however, are all on the National Firearms Act Registry through the ATF. That's a different ball of wax all together.
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