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"he gun is in great condition but the safety knob on the rear of the bolt has fallen out"

"I still have it but for the life of me cant get it back in. I cant slid the bolt out and from what i seen on line you can take it out once chamber is open"
Someone took the bolt our then took the bolt apart THEN could not get it back together (the bolt) then installed the bolt (I take liberty with the work 'installed') but, some how the bolt got back into the rifle, and there it stays.

Again, the Mauser type rifle does not allow the firing pin to rotate, the bolt housing rotates, THEN! the firing pin cams back on the rear of the bolt housing, so someone has to convince ligjhtfoot76 the bolt must be pulled back, to the rear to allow the bolt body to rotate, THEN he can pull the bolt stop out to release the bolt.

Again, I know of misinform gun owners (getting help from the Internet) that have cut the real of a bolt off to get it out. and some claim it is the strongest rifle in the world.

Purchase a Mauser 98, raise the bolt handle and observe the cocking piece, when the bolt handle is raised, the cocking piece moves straight back, the firing pin is installed in the cocking piece, if the cocking piece does not rotate the firing pin does not rotate, when the bolt handle is raised both the cocking piece and the firing pin move straight back, when fired both the cocking piece and firing pin move straight forward, the bolt sleeve does not rotate, the bolt sleeve is the one part that keeps all the parts of the bolt together 'NEATLY', the safety knob on the 7.7 keeps all the parts of the bolt together 'neatly' if the safety is not installed correctly or not installed at all the firing pin tries to rotate with the bolt housing, and that is as slow as I can type.

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