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Building an AR 15 pistol.

Hi everyone,

I am new to the AR's. I did own an AK in the past. And that was my first rifle. I did end up selling it though because I had to move to a bigger city and could not find a good defense load and had fear of the over penetration if I ever had to use it. I have been doing some research and found there are allot of good HD loads for the .223 so that is what I am going to go with. I just have a few questions about building an Ar pistol. I know what I need to build an AR rifle but I am not so sure about the pistol. Would A regular AR Lower work? I read on the net it has to be new if you want to use it for making a pistol I'm not sure about the legal side of building an ar pistol barrel lengths,overall length etc... and for the upper do they make ar pistol uppers? or how would the upper be for the ar pistol....the parts I'm not sure about either. I know it can not have a stock and needs a buffer tube or something...but other than that would the parts for the rifles work? Basically I want to try to build a carbon 15 pistol if I can get the parts. I didn't see really any parts for the carbon 15 pistol on gunbroker though. I would like to build some type of ar pistol though if possible. if anyone can give me some info on this I will appreciate it. Thanks.
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