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My take on the concensus of opinions is to stay completely, absolutely, unashamedly far, far away from hand loads for your carry ammo.

Shoot all the home grown stuff you want at the range, . . . but put that high dollar "store bought" ammo in your cylinder or mag for the HD / SD scenarios.

The reasoning / justification angle is that if you have to use your weapon and there is any question at all of your innocense / motive, . . . the DA will drag any and everything he can find to fry your bacon with.

This was shown at Mr. Fish(???)'s trial a couple of years back when he used a 10mm with HP ammo to defend himself. The DA sold him down the river because he used an over powerful handgun with "killer" bullets.

Use something similar to your local PD (if it is legal for you) and make sure you don't roll em yourself.

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