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heavy grain kinda guy

not sure if this thread is gonna go anywhere, but I might need help. In other words, I have some knowledge but think maybe I am overdoing it. At any rate here goes and hopefully you guys(and gals) can set me straight or relieve my 'worry':

I am a heavy grain kinda guy. thats to say I love the heavy grain stuff. I use the 300gr .44 ammo for my rifle, I use the 180gr for my revolver, and I also use the 158gr for my other revolver(sometimes I have trouble finding the correct 180gr). I do also have my golden sabres 125gr which was taught(to me anyways) as being the Godfather ammo. I dont even know if this is true. all my ammo are hollowpoints. even my shotgun is 3" with the 15 pellets. all my handguns are .357

I have read so many threads about over penetration is a myth but then I know I am in the minority with the ammo I use(I think). So my question is:

is heavy grain ammo ok? lets say thats all you have and you need to use it in some scenario- is that ammo going thru the BG or is it tearin his a%& up? I ask because I honestly am not the number type and need the advice and other opinions about the ammo is fine too. I have always been the kinda guy who goes for the heavy stuff. I Do want to stop if its in my best interest. recoil from ammo(the shotgun beforementioned as an example)doesnt bother me and I like it so that should be noted. of course, it can effect accuracy but once again: I am not the numbers type
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