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I bought my used TC hawkin in 2007. This was my second bp rifle the first being a cheap spanish made gun that had a habit of hang firing right at the wrong moment. My TC shoots dependably when I pull the trigger. Patched balls definatly shoot better for me than the old style bullets. Never considered trying sabots. Just my personal feeling and wanting to keep it "old style". If you are only interested in the most practical accessories I'd suggest an additional rod made of modern unbreakable material so you dont have to use the wooden rod supplied with your gun. No need in taking a chance of breaking it or putting no more wear on it than necessary. Another suggestion would be to buy an inexpensive, plastic powder dispensing cap that will screw right onto your can of pyrodex or 777. Love the look of a powder horn but its not practical for most of us in the field. I got three quick loaders that can press the patched ball right into the muzzle like a hyperdermic needle. They are marked for proper powder amount. If you are a newcomer to bp shooting, thorough cleaning of your rifle is a must. Try to keep it simple and natural. TC#13 is what I use but will take the barrel off an use (only) hot water for a more complete cleaning then follow it up with lots of bore butter while its still hot. Check the barrel often for rust in case this method wasnt used before you bought your second hand rifle. I kept the bore butter after it if I saw rust for a while but then it quit happening. Now I can leave my rifle alone for months without worry. Lots of defferant opinions out there but this method works for me and I can shoot several shots without running a cleaning patch down the barrel. Oil in the bore will prevent rust if the barrel is clean but creates much more fouling. Good luck and happy hunting to you my friend! p.s. I took the biggest whitetail of my life the first year I hunted with my tc hawkin. It final scored 164 with 5.5 inches contestable. Fourteen points with split eye guards and a twenty-two inch spread. Be aware there isnt a good blood trail a lot of the times with patch & ball.
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