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It's been a while; but I finally have my RAI BP Cylinder Loader ready to go to the range. I used a 1/2"x 6" cap screw to extend the handle for more leverage. My original intent was to cut off the bolt head and re-thread it for the original knob on the handle. My son made a suggestion that I liked better. I simply cut down a golf club grip and installed it on the handle after the bolt head was removed.

The base is a 2x6x18" board that is painted satin black. The heads of the bolts securing the press are counter sunk into the bottom so that the base will sit flat. I chose to use wing nuts up top just in case I should ever have a need to easily remove the press from the base. Two large bulldog spring clips are screwed into the base for storage of the extra bullet seating plunger and the brass adapter ring for Colt cylinders. I will eventually install a spring on the plunger such as junkman has done.

The entire assembly fits easily into the bottom of my range box without disassembling anything.

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