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James K
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Dents in shotgun barrels are easily removed and usually with no damage to the barrel. Bulges are another matter, especially a bulge as bad as that.

To understand, you need to know why barrels bulge. The bulge is created when there is an obstruction in the barrel, usually from a "squib" load or from something left in the barrel. When the bullet or shot charge hits that obstruction, it stops and all its energy is converted instantly to heat. That heat lasts only an instant, but it is enough to soften the barrel steel, and the pressure from the powder does the rest.

Whether the barrel bulges or splits depends on several factors, but even a bulge severely damages the barrel and destroys the heat treatment. While sometimes guns can be fired with bulged barrels (.22 rifles usually can be fired with no problems; higher power guns are problematic), that gun with that bad a bulge should definitely not be fired.

You might try Google or call Briley to see if there are any new barrels available, but I wouldn't be too hopeful. In any case, they would need careful fitting, and the total cost might well be more than the gun is worth.

Jim K
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