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Weekly update - 12-30-2010

A new case has been added to the list. Since character limitations have been exceeded in the OP, this case was added to post #2:

Hall v. Garcia. Kevin Hall is not an attorney, but has filed this case, pro se. Filed in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of San Francisco, on 08-26-2010. Hall is suing for an exemption signed by the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), to be able to carry an unloaded handgun openly. Carlos Gracia, defendant, is the Superintendent of the SFUSD.

The plaintiff has all but called the 1000 foot Gun Free School Zone law, unconstitutional. He makes several very well argued points. But this is not what the plaintiff is suing over. However, because he is not an attorney, he has misapplied the rules and procedures for federal evidence. The latest filing by the School, shows this.

The judge can either claim an exemption (Hall not being well versed in the law) and take the pleadings under advisement, or he can simply dismiss the plaintiffs pleadings and grant the defendants MSJ. Care to guess what the Court will do?

On 12-13-2010, in Ezell v. Chicago, an amicus brief was filed in the 7th Circuit by the Illinois Association of Firearms Retailers (ILAFR). ILAFR is also a Plaintiff in the Benson case. I have attached the brief to this post.

On 12-16-2010, in D'Cruz v. McCraw, the judge has set an expedited hearing schedule (item #36 on the docket).

On 12-22-2010, in D'Cruz v. BATF, the government has filed (item #21 on the docket) its Motion To Dismiss (surprise, surprise!). On 12-28-2010, the Brady's have filed (item #23 on the docket) a motion to file an amicus brief. Attached to the motion, is exhibit "A," which is the proposed brief.
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