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I started this thread some years ago, and never got a chance to get a flintlock rifle. Now I am considering it again. Will go up to Dixon's tomorrow to take a look around and see what they've got. I want a PA longrifle, but I do not want to spend a lot right now for a custom rifle. I want to get a Lyman and get used to using it, then maybe someday get a really nice one that is more appropriate to this area. I am interested in target shooting. I have been reading a lot about this, and I am a little afraid I'll get frustrated with the babysitting the flint and the whole process of cleaning between shots, etc. I mostly shoot 9 mm Sig pistols and S&W J-frame .38's, and lever rifles in .30-30, .38, .357, and .44 (although I think I'll sell my Winchester 94AE Trapper .44 Magnum and my collection of .44 Special ammo to pay for getting my flintlock rifle and supplies to get started). I am used to shooting 75 rounds and then going home and cleaning the guns and/or rifles, so the flintlock is a bit of a cultural change for me in several ways. I'm also a little concerned about the sights on the flintlock rifles. I think I can use the modern fiberoptic sites that come standard now on the Lyman Deerstalkers, but the regular iron sights are a no-go for me. I could sort of see putting a scope on the flintlock rifle (I'd never do that with a custom flintlock, but maybe with a factory-made Lyman). I have a scope mount and scout scope on my 7.7 mm Arisaka that my grandfather brought back from WW2 in the Pacific. I wasted a lot of ammo through it before finally deciding that it matters less to me how silly it looks with a scope mounted than it matters that I can't enjoy shooting it if it is sitting in the safe all the time because I can't use the iron sights. Anyway, I think I can use the fiberoptic sights on the Deerstalker.
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