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AGAIN, "I do know making an effort to help is a mistake"

"The Arisaka bolt is like any other Mauser, no big deal to disassemble, but not being able to get the bolt out is your major issue, rusted?"

The bolt will not come out (can not be rotated) because the safety is not installed and if the safety is installed incorrectly the bolt will not rotate and can not be removed, I listed 5+ mistakes and or differences between the Mauser and Japanese bolt, some mistakes made by individuals listening to advise on the Internet from that resulted in the owner cutting off the safety in an attempt to remove the bolt, If it is no biggy or no big deal, tell the OP how to remove the bolt.

While I am waiting I will continue making a mistake by making an effort to help. It is worth the effort to attempt pulling the firing pin back (and holding it back) while attempting to open the bolt, not easy to do but I have had Mauser bolts that were incorrectly dissembled meaning the bolt shroud was removed without removing the firing pin from the bolt body, on the Mauser the firing pin must be in the cocked position and allowed to rotate with the firing pin assembly, so I would suggest you grasp the end of the firing pin with a pair of vise grips and pull the firing pin back then try to rotate the bolt.

Be kind to your firing pin, protect if from the jaws of the vise grips.

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