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Very tight 1911 slide. Need input.

Hi Guys,
I just received my 1911 Stainless Loaded back from Springfield. They installed a new barrel and tightened the slide/frame fit.

The slide/frame fit is now very tight. So tight that even without the barrel installed the slide goes in very tightly into the frame and if you point the gun down and shake it a little, the slide won't even budge. However, when the slide is pulled back past the point where the slide the frame meets at the rear, the slide moves normally.

With the recoil spring installed the slide cycles fine without any binding although it is tight.

Now here is my question, will the stainless gall when I shoot it? I figured I could shoot a couple hundred factory loads and it will loosen up a little anyways, or will shooting a gun in this state have the potential of damaging the slide/frame rails? Or would it be better to use some JB bore paste first before the first shooting?

I'd appreciate your input! Thanks in advance!
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