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Jerry Kuhnhausen's manuals are the ones most recommended.

You aren't just replacing parts that come out, when you're talking about the cylinder stop, that's going to be more involved. I'm not sure if he goes into that or not.

Brownell's and Midway are good sources, if anybody has the parts you need they will I guess. There's another source I remember reading about but it's not coming to mind, maybe I will be able to find it. Numrich, maybe?

Some tools will be necessary, a screwdriver set specifically for guns, or modify tools you already have to work (I think I remember Kuhnhausen doing that). I believe Midway had a really good page for the tools you will need, even if you don't buy from them... I'll see if I can find a link to that too. There are some specific tools, a "rebound spring tool" comes to mind...

Unlike, say, building an AR from a parts kit, this is not something you can do from internet sources. It's a real live hobby.

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