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it looks like it has been worn in right proper . nothing like doing a refurb your self , i have done a few and it just makes you feel al tingly inside . But I do not sell anything i aquire gun wise so the money value is of no use to me . the finish does not look terrible from the pictures i may would leave it be but thats a personal thing . i have few that have some wiggle in the cly but they shoot anyway , right now i have iver johnson that has more wiggle than any rap video , the dimpel the center pin locks into is worn very bad and i plan to spot it with the welder and re dimple . I am not expert by a long shot but i do know from experiance that this kind of work takes a whole lot of time and is tedious as hell . BUT if you take your time you can learn alot and feel good with the end result. Many may say dont strip the old finish youll kill the value but it all depends on what your plans are for the gun . To me seeing a rusted gun makes me lose sleep . I have some that are petinaed nice and have no plans to refinsh , i have some that have been refinshed and i have some that are on the to do list . You should still be able to find parts for that gun . and if its only a 2-300 gun then i would not be too concerned with messing it up , but somthing like a kimber then yea i may send it off
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