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new to NFA

I've been into guns pretty serious for a long time, but have never had any NFA firearms and interest has hit me.

Where is a good place to start looking for a machinegun at a reasonable price ?
That and learning exactly what a decent price is, since they don't come for sale very often.

I know how the process works, and don't think getting a signature would be hard here but I don't want to start dealing with that if I can't find anything.

Is their better boards/forums for this? The boards I've been using, don't really have much for a NFA section.

I am interested in a PPSH41. Probably nothing else would interest me enough to go through the process.

I found a few, all for 17.5k or higher.

That seems high, I don't need a collector one, just a shooter. Could one be found in the lower teens ? 10-14k ?
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