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If you buy a new 1911 extractor,and install it without massaging it a bit,likely your 1911 won't work.
The extractor does need just enough tension to hold the round to the bolt face.I find it beneficial to create a lead in on the lower boltface side of the eextractor.It is some relief to A)funnel the round in just a little,and B) makes a little room for the tilted,rising rim to come up and rock in.
It may be necessary to shape the radius on the extractor to the small dia of the rim,but go easy and check a lot.A mounted stone dressed a little smaller than ext groove dia can be used,but just a touch at a time.Do not lose all the tension.The case must snap in and be retained.It you use marker on the steel,and see what the brass rubs off,you will know the tight spot
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