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Thanks for the input guys.

I was doing some research and found a guy that posted a 20% difference between BP and Pyro P.

30gr BP = 24gr Pyro P
60gr BP = 48gr Pyro P
and so on.

Does this sound about right ?

I have no real BP to do my own volume/ weight measures.

Will order the nipple wrench and need to debur a couple places here and there on the frame.
The wood grips have some nice figure in them.

I like the grips and trigger guard better than the 1858.

I shoot one handed cause I am used to that from been shooting bullseye for a couple years.

The 1858, I hold lower on the grip(the pinky finger is below the grip).
The Walker I can most likely shoot with the whole hand on the grip.

Looks like the CCI #10's will fit if I push them on with my wooden dowel that I use for the 1858.

Hopefully will take her out this weekend for a trial run.

B.E. Master indoor and out
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