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Congratulations on your Walker. You'll have many hours of fun with it.

Just how far do you push the wedge in(I am thinking just decent thumb pressure ?
Thumb pressure should do just fine. The real answer is: far enough that it stays in but not so far that it causes the cylinder to bind against the barrel. A good goal to shoot for is 0.006" clearance between the front of the cylinder and the forcing cone. But it's really not worth actually measuring it, just eyeball it.

I am sure the .454" balls will be fine.
Very probably. I use .457's, but many folks use .454's. Look for a thin circle of lead to be shaved off as the ball is swaged into the chamber.

I picked up some Pyrodex P cause no one around here seems to carry real black powder.
And I dont know that I want to use 2 of those 30gr pellets that I use in the 1858(I of coarse only use one pellet in the 1858).
I strongly recommend you not use pellets in a revolver. They're very inconsistent in that application. If you can't get real black powder (Powder, Inc. has a web site and sells it mail order in 5 lb minimum orders) use loose Pyrodex or even loose 777.

What would be the max load in grains on a scale using Pyrodex P ?
The gun can handle all the powder you can stuff in and still get the ball in. That will be about 60 grains by VOLUME. Pyrodex P is less dense than real black powder, so if you weigh it you'll find 60 grains by weight will be too much - it won't all fit in. I'll look up the conversion later tonight and see if I can estimate what the Pyrodex P weight equivalent of 60 grains by volume.

Can someone give me a distributor and part number for a nipple wrench to fit the Walker.
Track of the Wolf, part number NW-WALKER
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