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I bought the Smartreloader isd a few months ago when Midsouth had what I thought was a sale price $ 199, and as is usually the case I now see them for as low as $ 149.

I like it. It sure makes loading faster than measuring charges on a balance beam or digital scale and is more accurate and consistent than a tilt volume powder dispenser. I particularly like the feature that when you set the empty pan back on the scale it starts dispensing another charge without your having to do anything.

I was having a problem with it over dispensing by 0.1 grains fairly frequently with IMR-4350 until someone sent me the below video tutorial link that explained how to adjust the trickle rate and interval time - I could have read my manual. It comes with a thorough easy to read and understand operators manual with 5 pages of English- but I couldn't find mine at the time. The video has even more info than the manual.

It seems to be well made and very programmable for specific settings and uses. It is made in China (but what isn't these days?) but designed and owned by an Italian company. Headquarters is Pinerolo, Italy so I don't believe it is a stolen Chinese copy as some have indicated.
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