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Guess what Mrs. Claus got me.

You know that I was asking about the differences in Colt Walkers earlier.

Well, there it was under the tree.

Yep, an Uberti Colt Walker.

I was truley shocked and yet kind of hoping she did not pay too much for it since I have been price checking on the internet(things have been kind of tight this year especially with the kids and grand kids to take care of first).

She got it from Cabelas and used one of their post card coupons for employer pricing. $449. actual, but $383. with the coupon.(not too bad in my book).
All is good and I am one happy camper.

A few questions to the experts now since I have this nice hand cannon.

Just how far do you push the wedge in(I am thinking just decent thumb pressure ?) I saw a guy on a video smack it in with the heel of his palm, is that to much or just right ? I do not want to over do it and wear it out any quicker than I have to.

I am sure the .454" balls will be fine.

I picked up some Pyrodex P cause no one around here seems to carry real black powder.
And I dont know that I want to use 2 of those 30gr pellets that I use in the 1858(I of coarse only use one pellet in the 1858).

I have a scale of coarse, been reloading metallic cartriges for years.
What would be the max load in grains on a scale using Pyrodex P ?

Can someone give me a distributor and part number for a nipple wrench to fit the Walker.
The one I made for my 1858 out of an old socket wont work.
I just want to get the correct one.

Thanks everyone for any suggestions.

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

B.E. Master indoor and out
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