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I have 25 years experience working on the 1911 pistol. After reading the description of the problems you are experiencing, i can tell you what the problem is & how to correct it.

Problem: The lower edge of the barrel throat is protruding into the feedramp. This slight over-hang is what is catching the nose of the hp bullet as it is attempting to slide up the feedramp and into the barrel throat.

The lower edge of the barrel throat, must be reshaped to about 1/32" in front of the top edge of the feedramp. In other words, there should be a small gap between the edge of the barrel throat & frame feedramp. If you are not skilled enough to do this delicate piece of work, please take it to a local pistolsmith near you who can.

Please consult the american pistolsmiths guild for the closet to you.
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