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Weekend Upadte - 12-25-2010

On 12-20-2010, in Peterson v. McCabe (CO CCW residency), the Plaintiff asked for an extension of time to file the response to intervener s MSJ due to questions not raised by defendant McCabe. Time was granted on 12-21-2010. Response now due by 01-12-2011.

On 12-20-2010, in Muller v. Maenz (facial challenge to NJ carry law), the plaintiffs filed a MSJ. See this thread for discussion.

On 12-22-2010, in Heller II, the appellants(Heller) filed their supplemental brief. From a reading, it appears the case may be decided on statutory grounds instead of constitutional grounds. If it is, it will not do any good as a cite in other cases.
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