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I did not mean to miff off any one . I think it comes down to free speech , the information is out there for any one to read , they even tell you how to make a atom bomb . I think what I was trying to get out was that if they think its as easy to file down this and that and 5 minutes later go out and play Rambo , then they are wrong . And they prob would not believe what they were told and do it any way , so if they had direction and saw for themselves just how complicated and precise it is then they would prob just drop the topic altogether . I know the forum could get in trouble which is also b/s but that’s the world we live in today . i.e. you ask me how to burn the tires off your car and when he gets caught I get in trouble . It just seems that folks get snappy and rude when asked what could be a innocent question . like hey how exactly do belt feed weapons work and how does a gun go from burst to f/a , how does a auto sear work ...... see where im going ? Maybe I just want to know , Im not planning another hollywood shootout . If some one ask me a question I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge . Im not a gun pro , gun smith or gun law expert , but I am a damn fine boat mechanic and appreciate the workings of a gun . I love to take them apart and finish off a ruff casting here and there and smooth this out and clean that, I may know what Im doing but I like to get opinions from the experts even on things I know how to do .
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