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Mossberg 34 single-shot bolt-action .22 rifle


I am new here and I need a little help: I was recently given this old 1934 Mossberg Model 34 .22 cal. single-shot bolt-action rifle. Looks to be all original and fairly good condition. Seems to shoot fairly consistent as well, though I have not sighted it in yet.
After taking the bolt apart to clean out that old "gummy" grease, I found the firing pin has cracks.
So now I am in search of a new (used) firing pin and/or striker assembly and/or a complete bolt assembly. I have learned that the bolt is interchangeable with the Mossberg 30, which is also the Wards Western Field models 35A & 37.
It still fires rounds, but I want to be prepared for the inevitable. I'm not sure if I want to refinish the rifle... I kinda like the rustic and well used look of it.
Any help with a striker/ firing pin/ bolt would be greatly appreciated.


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