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1847 Walker Production

Uberti is the only manufacturer of the 1847 Walker. Palmetto is no longer making any percussion revolvers. The Dixie Gun Works 1847 Walker made by Palmetto is old stock and when these are gone there will be no more. At present (as of today) Dixie Gun Works is sold out of the Uberti Walkers but are expecting a shipment. They would not say if the price would be the same.

I did a quick survey of the companies that I know of that sale the Uberti Walker and their current prices.

Cabela’s - $449 Uberti
Dixie Gun Works - Palmetto $385, Uberti $355
Taylor & Co. - $380 Uberti
Cimarron -
Standard Blue $421.79,
Original or Antique $488.74,
Charcoal Blue $475.55

Since Cimarron is the largest of the Uberti distributors and the only one that I am currently aware of that Uberti will still mark their guns with the Cimarron name on the barrel.


Cimarron’s prices are based on the current costs they now have to pay for the revolvers. Prices on all Italian manufactured firearms are subject to change without notice. This is because of the depreciating value of the U.S. Dollar on the world market and because our expert policy maker, Obama, is continually printing new Monopoly dollars on his little printing press. As far as I can see, this trend is not going to be reversed any time soon so the prices of all firearms are going to steadily increase. If a gun goes out of production then the price will sky rocket as can be see with the now defunct Uberti Paterson revolver. The last four sales that I have seen completed were over the $600mark. The last one on Gun Broker was around $575 plus shipping which also put it over the $600 mark.

Moral of all this is, "If you can afford it, you better get it now."
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