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Open minded Mods....

We are pretty open minded, until it comes to advocating/assisting in an illegal act. If you do so, you are toast! Be warned!

We do not tell people the right way (or even the wrong way) to convert firearms to full auto. Since 1986, they cannot be registered, and made legal, in any fashion. So asking about conversions is asking about an illegal act (in the US), and passing along that information could be seen as conspiracy to violate Federal Firearms laws!

That's why, boatmonkey, we "go crazy" when someone mentions an illegal conversion. Risking shutting down the site, and possible charges in Fed Court, because some poster just had to explain to another poster how to violate Fed law is not something we tolerate. Period.

You can take all the chances with the Feds searching your house that you want. But taking chances in our house (the forums) is not going to fly at all. If we find anyone doing it, you will be gone, and your posts removed. All of them. Be warned, and be smart.
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