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((No they seated perfectly even after 2nd firing, primer was flushed across the bottom of the case, didnt bulge out and fired perfectly))

Yes they did. Won't hassel you for that,but did you lose 1% accuracy because of it?. That we will never know. All of us in here arejust trying to give you little tips and tricks that we have leaned in our time loading.
Everything people will post in here will have to do with how much you are willing to do and what kind of accuraccy you are after. All these little things when put together make a difference in your accuracy. I will say some of these things will make no difference if you are only shooting 100 or 200 yards and are happy with one inch groups at those distances. All said in here is based on what you concider accurate and what you are happy with. With your primer pocket cleaning,By not doing it, the ignition of your powder COULD be different causing a different burn rate from shell to shell. The only way you would notice things like that are over a chroney, One could be at 3200 fps and the next at 3250 fps,again at a short distance 100 or 200 yards that will not matter to much.Strech that out to 400 yards and now it is going to come into play with a POI that is not the same. You have to ask yourself,,,What do i want to be able to do (hit a quarter or hit a dime), Most of us here want a dime or smaller

Cost savings for me and most in here is just half the reason we reload our own,The biggy for me is accuracy. Im what someone in here on another topic calls.. A Bench Rest Ninnie. (not sure what that means,but oh well.).

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