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To be frank I dont see why everyone goes crazy when you mention a fa conversion . If some kid wants to start filing sears , hammers and such on his lil ruger , go ahead but when the round fires off before it fully chambers he will learn ! ' btw I have noo experiance on that issue ' . Even if it does chamber the rounds safe it will wear that lil ruger out so fast its stupid .For me Im not a ask for permission kinda guy . But I didsee somthing cool at the gun show this weekend . A guy has some belt feeds on display but they were set up to fire off of propane and oxogen with a igniter . not sure how it worked but he claimed it sounded like it was being fired . But the bottom line is if some one is asking for a how to on a conversion , then there is about a 99% chance that they already know the punishment for getting caught so reply how you see fit but im going to link them to the right way . If they want to do it the safe way then they can plan on 8-13hrs at least to manufactor the parts , and if you ask me thats a pretty good deterrent if the 10Kand 10yrs is not . I also have no personal experiance on the time estimate. Go ahead and bash me , tell me the big bad atf is going to lock me up with bubba and antwon , yea yea yea . come on search my house and my guns . If any of you are stupid enough to do said conversions , dont leave them assembled for God sake
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