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WildAlaska, let me pose this question to you: You go into a restaurant and the nice waitress chats you up for about 10 minutes. You mention to her your allergy of mushrooms and the two of you chat about it. Then, before you open the menu you ask if she has a recommendation (she is the expert) and she says that the meat-lovers is on sale and its really good. So you order it and it comes out with mushrooms on it. You complain and she says "tough luck," its listed on the menu, you should have read the menu.

True enough, shame on you you didn't read the menu. Shame on Ranger55, he didn't read the menu. You think that restaurant will stay in business? I don't think so either.
Apples and oranges...I read the menus

The reason Ed Brown is losing my business and why I'll likely buy a Kimber instead is this, why hasn't he done anything to fix this problem?
Cool...make sure you dont read this Board about Kimber

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