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35 Plain base checks

Got my 35 plain base checkmaker from Pat Marlin a couple days ago. What a neat toy, er tool.

I put some on 165gr RF .357 yesterday. I shot this load 2 weeks ago and it left a little lead in the barrel. Instead of cleaning it out and adjusting the load, I waited for these gas checks. I shot 24 with the same load (just gas checked now) and looked. The barrel was spotless and the accuracy of the boolits was actually alot better to it seemed.

I tried these checks on the 357156 Lyman. I had to double them, but they fit like a champ. Guess I dont have to buy any more checks for that boolit.

I have some 9mm loaded for my brother. We've had fits getting rid of the lead in the 9's, but I've been waiting to try this out since I've never found a gas checked 9mm mold. I think this will work perfect, but we have to wait till the snow leaves so we can find the brass.

I love this new tool. I get 84 gas checks from a Pepsi can. Its very easy to use.
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