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Hornady HAP .451 undersized?

Ok, I have a 1500 pack from a few years ago, loaded some, seemed to shoot OK, Loaded some more, stocked it, forgot about it. They worked fine in my trusty 1911.

Recently started to load with a new powder, Green Dot.

Had a few funny sounding loads , one in particular that I knew from the sound it did not make it out the barrel of my Marlin Camp 45. Just went "CCHHHHUUUUFFF!!!.....

Sure enough the bullet was half way down the barrel, so I got the soft brass ram rod out , to pound it out......

But.....remember that sound...."CHHHUUUUFFFF!!!!!!" Not a squib, "CHHHHHUUUUUFFFFFF".

I went to pound out the bullet, and it RATTLED out and fell out of the barrel!!!!!! It was too small. It mic'd up at .4475 on the highest. It looks like there was no seal on the largest diameter of the barrel lands. Those slots are dirty blackish....only one set of impressions are shiny.

SOOOOOOO....I took some new bullets from the same 1500 pack and mic'd 'em up.....

They are not .451....... They are .4495 ....every single one of them.

The gas from the charge blew past the bullet, becasue it was not sealed proper in the barrel, becasue they are undersized......

Anyone else have HAP's that are .4495 ???? I am blown away...speechless.
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