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Just to carry the standard high for today's 'garbage' 64's, like my MIM hammer & trigger, two-piece barrel, frame mounted fp, etc, 'abortion' below - a 64-8:

I had the choice between it and several older security guard trade-ins at my pusher's 5/08 - for $309 OTD. This one had two soiled chambers - had obviously never even been issued and came with even the 'Club 1852' application in the box. I spritzed it with aerosol RemOil, put some Ahrends square conversion cocobolo's on it, and it became my range bag's 'frequent rider' for the next year. It hit coincident POA/POI at 10-12 yf with Remington R38S12 +P 158gr LHPSWC's - and my 125gr JHP homebrew plinkers - fun gun. A year later, it got it's OEM UM's Combats back (See above.) - and took it's post as a house gun. It does still sneak out to the range on occasion - it's just 'fun'!

In my mind, the 'best' 64 you can buy is the one that comes in an acceptable state physically and at a fair cost. Of course, it is a great revolver, afterall, it's a +P rated and easier to clean version of a Model 10!


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